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Toddler won't have bath with baby

Hi ya,what about bath crayons or chalk,my cousin uses them and manages to bath all 3kids,she baths the baby while the other 2 eldest keep themselves happy drawing on the bath which wash off after.ELC do them
Emma xx


  • Hi Boo.
    I'm Lucyanne. I have 3 children.
    I bath them all seperately.(my eldest baths himself)
    It just keeps my routine simple,but because I dont give my 4 year old the option he is always pleading with me to let him in the bath with my daughter.
    When your little girl sees how much fun you and your son are having while you bath him she will soon want to join in.
    A little reverse psycology goes a long way.
    However she may see bathtime as a special time with mummy and feel that her little brother is spoiling it.
    In which case it may suit to bath them seperately.afterall
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