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my 15 month old daughter keeps smacking my 5 year old son when he wont give her something .I dont want to shout at her but I dont know how to get her to stop.Niether
Myself or my husband have never smacked any of our children so I dont know where she could have got it from.
Has anyone come across this and how did you deal with it?


  • Hi,
    I think it is a stage all children go through, my niece went through the same thing and the parents found the best thing to do is ignore it!
    I have it all to look forward too, my daughter is nine months.
  • My 11 month old does it to my son aged 3. I just ignore it and take her away from him to disract her. Guess its a stage that they will grow out of? x
  • Hi.
    Thankyou Simone and Andrea for your advice. I will try distracting her.
    She is otherwise a very loving little girl. I guess I'm
    worried because neither of my two sons ever did it.
    Girls are most certainly different
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