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Sons embarassing habit help!!

Hi all
I'm at the end of my tether and am hoping that someone might have some handy hints! Ethan who's nearly 2 1/2 is obsessed with his willy! I know this is very normal but its become I think, too much. He gets it out in public to 'show' to people or just play with when tired. Lately hes started rubbibg it up against anything and i just din't know what to do. I began potty traing as thought it may have been sign he was ready but made things worse as he now has easy access!! Thanks in advance Tasha x


  • Just read this and couldnt help but laugh.I know its not funny to you now but you will laugh too once he has grown out of it.My friends son did something similar although showing people wasnt part of his routine.The more she told him to stop the more he did it.So She told him he had to go wash his hands every time he touched it. he didnt want to stop what he was playing most of the time and within a few days he did stop touching it.
    sorry didnt mean to laugh x
  • Thanks for repling lucyanne we used to find it funny but its constant now! Have been cleaning his hands for him but will now get him to stop what hes doing and wash his hands himself hopefully he'll get bored! Thanks for the advice chat soon X
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