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Taking toddler swimming

Hi everyone!
I have been trying to take Ethan who's 2 and a half swimming weekly for about the last month as he hadn't been at all whilst I was pregnant with my 5month old. It's been a great success and he loves it, he's trying to kick his legs and asks for me to let go but obviously when I do he pretty much sinks! I just wondered if anyone has any tips on getting them swimming with arm bands or at what age they start to do it, I don't know if I'm expecting too much! Thanks x


  • Hi Tasha,
    children learn at all ages to swim,not sure if he'll be able to swim completely unaided at this age (although its great he's so confident).
    But, I did buy one of those swimsuits with the floats in it, which you take out a pair at a time when they get more confident. They are great. Niamh wouldnt let go of us in the water, but with this swimsuit, she is much more confident and will know let go for a while at a time.
    They can be expensive in places like mothercare etc. We weren't able to buy an expensive one, but we found one for £10 in Woolworths.
    Hope this helps
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas
    Thanks thats a great idea! Had a look on their website but couldn't see anything. Looked on ebay where there was one for only £1 plus p&p! Unfortunately it was to small for Ethan but am going to keep an eye on the site! I hadn't thought of the float suits but think it would be perfect for Ethan as he just needs help keeping his back and bottom up! Will let you know what I get thanks love chat soon!! x
  • I could kick myself!! I saw one of those long floats in a cheap shop recently for 99p!! Didn't think to buy it as Ethan didn't seem interested in swimming on his own then! Ethan's happy with his arm bands and he's desperately trying to kick and move his arms but just neds help keeping afloat! Going swimming again on thursday so will see how he gets on thanks for the tip.
  • Took the children swimming today and it was fantastic! Ethan had his arm bands on and swam on his own for the first time!! Amber also really enjoyed herself i put her in a ring now and she's much happier. Going to make an effort to go weekly now, it was fun!!! x
  • Hi Gracey
    I think it's important that you do keep trying to take him swimming, until recently Ethan hadn't been swimming in nearly a year but have been going almost weekly for the last 6weeks the improvement week to week is amazing and now he's trying to swim with arm bands on his own! Maybe if you took him to buy armbands, a float or a swim bag etc it might get him keener on the idea. Good luck xx
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