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I can't believe what my son just did!!!

Earlier this morning I took Ethan upstairs for a nap and as usual he screamed and shouted his new one is "I need to tell my mummy off" after awhile he went quiet so I nipped up to check on him and could'nt beleive what I saw, Ethan and most of his room were covered in pooh!!!! No wonder he'd gone quiet - he was painting!! Thank god for dettol wipes it really was everywhere! After a shower and soaping him twice I finally got him to sleep and am now enjoying some peace and quiet!


  • OMG Hun! I cant beleive it x
  • Hi Tasha, have replied to your private message.
    Cant believe it. Where do kids get their imaginations from. You'll laugh about it in years to come.
    Thankfully Niamhs not done anything like that, but Im sure she will soon, no doubt.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Tasha
    You've got to give him credit - that's pretty inventive!!
    Hope you're all well and enjoying your weekend.
    Dawn x
  • Let's hope for tasha's sake that there isn't a next time.
    I really shouldn't laugh at stories like this, cos i've got all this fun to come!!!!!!!
  • Hi Everyone
    thanks for the messages my poor hubby has just been cleaning up the pooh from Ethans stairgate that i somehow missed!!!! He's not impressed with me and can't understand why i didn't check it but i really was in shock! Ethan's not even normally a 'messy' boy and is always keen to wash his hands so i can't undersrand why he did it! Don't think it will be repeated though as he seriously knew he was in trouble!! but hey, you never know!!
  • Omg!

    id have puked!

    i think its a thing all toddlers have to go through before they can pass a test or something haha

    Hope he doesnt do it again


  • Thanks so far so good!! In fact put him up for nap yesterday and again he poohed but he imediatly called for me to tell me think he remembered what he'd done as he looked all worried!
  • It's ok, i think it's quite funny!! He still remembers what he did and each time he poohs he now tells me he's a good boy and won't play with his pooh!!! oh the joy of kids! x
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