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Hi Kirsty Lou,

I'm Zoe, mum to Jack and Charlotte. Glad to see we've not put you off joining in with our mad chats!

What's your daughters name?

Hope to chat some more soon,

Zoe x


  • That's ok, if you are anything like me i got that excited when i had my first reply i nearly fell off the computer chair - sad really!!

    Teegan is a lovely name. If you can get your head around lilypie maybe will be able to see her soon.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Hi Kirstylou

    Welcome to PP. I'm Tasha and mum to Ethan 2 1/2 and Amber who's nearly 7 months.
    Like Zoe i was over the moon that people wanted to chat t o me!! hope you enjoy the site, chat soon x
  • Hi Kirsty,
    My name is Simone and mum to Jessica. you will have loads of fun on here and get advice.
    chat soon x
  • Hi Kirsty,
    welcome to pp. hope you enjoy it as nuch as we all do.
    im Kas, mum to Niamh (2yrs 6months) and Tara (6months almost). Our girls are almost the same age.
    look forward to chatting soon.
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kirsty Lou,

    I think the best piece of advice I can give you is to let her guide you. Jack was over three before he was dry in the day. There was no way he was ready to do it before. I'm not sure when i'll try Charl. She lets me know she needs her nappy changing but if i put her on the potty she looks as if to say this is a funny looking chair!!

    Good luck with it. Zoe x
  • If that's the case you need to be firm. Be prepared, maybe do a sticker chart with little rewards after so many leading up to a big reward at the end. Let her see you on the toilet and tell her what you're doing. Sounds disgusting i know but they learn from us and if they see us do something they are more likely to give it a try. Don't get angry with her though, bad vibes put them off. Just say never mind it was an accident or something. Hope all goes well. x
  • Hiya, totally agree with everything zoes said! Ethans 2 1/2 and was ready to potty train a while ago but being heavily pregnant we waited a while! With a nre baby, i let him take it slowly and we've been trsining for 2 months but i've tried to be chilled out about it! He's now getting the hang of it and uses the potty more than he has accidents.

    Maybe a good start would be simply putting her on the potty after each nappy change, it doesn't matter if she does anything or not just get her used to sitting on it. Hope that helps chat soon xx
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