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new school and ill (aahhhhhhhhhh)

hi all
feeling quite stressed at the mo...
maisy started new school wednesday just started to get settled and make friends and now she has come down with chicken pox!!
she doesnt understand why she wont be able to go to nursery to play with her new friends...
when she is ready to go back i will have to settle her all over again...
sorry for the moan just slightly stressed ....


  • Hi Rachel,
    Ive replied to your "new school" post. Im sorry that maisy is ill. bless her! I bet once she goes back, she'll settle straight in, and be excited to see her new friends again.
    Just enjoy the time you have with Maisy for a little longer.
    Kas xx
  • Oh what bad timing! I agree with Kas and think she'll be keen to get back it's great she settled in well orriginaly.
    I'm waiting for Ethan to get the pox we go to so many groups i thought he'd have it by now!

    Hope Maisy's not feeling too poorly with it xx
  • hi all
    she still only has 6 or 7 spots on her legs, look quite nasty but they aren't bothering her at all.
    i expected to wake up saturday morning and her to be covered from head to toe.

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