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My toddler will not stay in bed.

Hi Laura,
do you mean she gets up, or comes into you, or will just not go to her own bed?
Kas xx


  • Oh, by the way, welcome to pp. Hope you find it as great as we all do
  • Hi Laura,

    No don't give up, persistance will pay off and you want things sorted before your heavily pregnant or the baby's born. Have you tried getting her so exhausted that when you put her to bed she falls asleep? Or put a stairgate on her doorframe so she can't get out the bedroom. Just a thought.

    Zoe x

    P.S Congratulations on the pregnancy.
  • hello
    Welcome to PP!
    Don't give up it will click into place eventually. Whilst I was preganant my son was a dreadful sleeper he was still in a cot but i ended up sleeping on an air bed in his room (not great with a bump) however the week my daughter was born he suddenly started sleeping through on his own and made no demands on us at night. He's had up and downs since but is generally much better so you never know!

    does she have a stairgate on her bedroom door? I found that Ethan gave up getting out of bed when he couldn't get out of his room.

    Good luck hope to chat some more soon xx
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