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Hi Boo,
I feel like Im just following you round the forum at the moment
Im afraid Niamhs a bit potty phobic aswell, but loves the toilet.She takes every oppurtunity to take her nappy off and sit on it. She's still never done anything on it, but at least shes getting used to it.
How is Zoe with the toilet?
If shes ok with that, maybe just go straight to the toilet?
Hope you are ok
Kas xx


  • Thats a shame.
    Have you seen those potty seat things? I think they are made by Fisher Price. They look quite good.
  • Jack was never a big user of a potty, he did most of his 'training' on the toilet. We did however keep a potty downstairs for emergencies as we don't have a downsairs loo. As long as he got a sticker on the chart, in the end he wasn't so bothered.
  • I know what you mean, I was looking at those myself, but like you, I was very unsure bout shelling that money out on a potty.
    Let me know how you get on and what you decide
    Kas xx
  • Same here Boo.
    Nothing works. Im going to try training again before Christmas I think.
    See how that goes.
    Kas xx
  • Ethan has a potty chair (though not a musical one) and it's been a great success and i would really reccomend it!

    Also, since training Ethan, i've seen these for sale in the childrens shop in my town not sure how effective they are but the idea seems good.
  • Hi Tasha,
    Ive got one of those, absolutely convinced it would work, but Niamh takes it out (and hasnt used the potty since we got it) and just sticks it everywhere but in the potty, including on herself!!!
    I was so annoyed, I really thought it would work, or maybe they do for other kids
  • Hi Kas
    That's a shame it didn't help the idea seems great.
    We've gone totally backwards on the potty training and he's in pull ups again i 'don't really know what's happened!
    As it's half term this week though, i thought i'd stay in and train him again so here's hoping!
    Hope you're all well xxx
  • I feel a bit like a broken record but again Ebay!!!!
    Here's the link
    If you do have trouble getting hold of one the childrens clothes shop in my town sells them and i could perhaps organise for the owner to send you one.
  • Hi boo,

    Just found this site and thought it might interest you.

    hope you're well, Tasha xx
  • It must be hard to be staying with the in laws for so long, are you managing to keep any routine for the kids?

    I've reached 600 because Ambers not well so has basically been on my lap the whole weekend and coming on here really passes the time!!

    Hope you're well chat soon xx
  • My friend is potty training her son and rather than using stickers as a reward, she has bought a child friendly ink stamp with a big smiley face and when he uses the potty he gets a stamp on his hand. He is so proud of his stamp and shows everyone. She also stamps her hand to show that she is proud of him. It seems to be working so far!
  • Hi Boo
    I guess anything is work a try. My 3 year old niece also didn't like the potty my mum bought so we got a padded kid seat for the toilet and she used that.
    A different friend had a musical potty that played a tune when something wet hit the base. That backfired slightly as her son would tip his drink into it to hear the tune but still refused to wee in it!!!!
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