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I know you have to be careful about what you say when you're around your children but when I'm driving sometimes I forget that - example - we were driving out of a car park the other day and I had slowed down for a car coming up on my left, nothing unusual there, this little voice pops up from the back of the car 'YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY LOVE, SILLY COW'

I know you shouldn't but I couldn't help laughing, I had not made any comment at all about the car that I was slowing down for but clearly my backstreet driver of 2 and half yrs clearly felt the need to comment....

I really must be more careful about what i say...

Love jd_mummy xx


  • Oh how funny!! It's actually quite a long sentence and quite clever!!
    Ethan once called me a silly cow when i tried to tell him off!
  • Oh that's brilliant, it really made me giggle!!!!
  • Thats sooooo funny, better watch what i say in front of Jessica!
  • Been there myself hun. Silly cow and bitch i have been called. The other day Jak was playing with his tomas computer and it wasn't doing what he wanted it to do so he smacked it and said "F ing peice of [email protected]" He got that from his dad so no wonder he has started to behave the way he is.Hope fully for both oursakes its just a phase hun x
  • Arrrgh, that is quite funny. I had to tell James to be carefull in the car when I heard Jack say " You stupid buggar!" when a car pulled put on us. It's amazing what they pick up even if you think they aren't listening to you.
  • Oh how funny, I cant believe what they pick up and so quickly. Niamhs forever copying us.
    It is good to listen to though, as sometimes if they tell toys off, you can see where you are going wrong ie tome of voice or use of language etc.
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