can ur toddler sing?

robert is getting good with his talking,
and loves listening to nursary rhyme songs, but isnt yet saying any! or singing any

yet my neice is 6 months older and sings them brilliaantly

and has been for about 4-5 months!


  • hi claire, niamh loves singing. she even makes up songs.
    we are quite a musical family though and i was in shows singing whilst preggers with her, so it may be something to do with that.
    how old is robert? i cant remember.
    i wouldnt worry though, i bet he excels in other ways. not every child develops at the same rate. i bet one day, all of a sudden, he'll just start saying/singing rhymes and you wont be able to stop him then.
    take care
    kas xx
  • hi kas

    he just turned 2 last month
  • he's got lots of time. i worked as supervisor inn the 2-3 yr olds room at nursery, and a lot of them were nearer the age of three before they really started doing it well. even then, i really wouldnt worry, he's obviously interested in other things.
    kas xx
  • I've taken Bon to things like Baby Bounce since he was born and there is always music around the house, I used to sing semi-professionally and I still play the flute but he only started singing recently and he is three. It was like something clicked in his brain as he just started to sing along to musical toys that he has played with for over a year. They all get there eventually, as with all development milestones.
  • Ethans been trying to sing for about 6 months but it's in the last couple of months that they actually sound like the songs they're meant to! He often uses the tune and makes up his own gobbledy gook words!!
  • Like Ncolette says, they all reach those milestones but all at different times.

    Nicolette, are you a trained singer?
  • HI all
    My son was two and half when he started singing twinkle twinkle that he had learnt at playgroup. It was amazing to hear especially how correct the words were. Excellent memory for things some kids have
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