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robert is 2 now,so shud i be starting to phase out his naps or justlet carry on if he wants?

its just some days he'll have an hour,some days he can go up to 3hours!


  • Hi Claire my son Jd is 2yrs 11mths and he still has one nap every morning of about an hour, I don't think you need to phase them out altogether, if he seems to need a nap I think it's fine to let them continue

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Hi Claire,
    Both my boys had daytime naps till they started school.
    I think as long as he is sleepy during the day and feels he needs a nap, then personally I would let him.
    If it starts to have an effect on him sleeping through the night, then that may be the time to try to phase it out , and maybe putting him to bed slightly earlier.
    He is still very young, and will let you know when the time is right.
  • yeah i spose,

    he still goes to bed at 7 pm, and gets up between 8 and 10! he loves his sleep!
  • Hi Claire
    Ethan goes through phases of having naps but when he does he often has up to 2hours! I let him decide if he wants one ie. falling asleep on the sofa, in the buggy or car.
    His bedtime is generally 8:00 and i usually find that even if he naps later in the afternoon, he'll still go to bed on time.
  • Hi Claire,
    I agree with Lucyanne, if he still needs that nap, then let him have it, as long as it doesnt affect his night time sleep.
    Niamhs 2 1/2 now, she sometimes has a sleep, sometimes not, depending on how tired or grumpy she is. I think the best thing is to let them grow out of it on their own.
    He really sounds like he enjoys his sleep.

    Hope you get the advice you need.

    Kas xx
  • yeah cheers ladies

    he love his sleep! just like his daddy!!!
  • Hi Claire - just want to add that my son is three and still needs to nap some days, if he has been particularly active, like been swimming or to a play group. He doesn't have one every day and some days he will fall asleep on the sofa or while having dinner. We were seeing a paed for a couple of years and he told me his son still needed an afternoon nap at four years + and he viewed this as perfectly normal.
  • Jack was still having regular naps before he left playgroup. Some days he falls asleep within half an hour of getting back from school, he's 4 1/2. If they need it they need it. Charlotte will be 2 in feb and she has stopped having a daily nap, she probably only naps in the day twice a week if that now. It depends on the child.
  • Hi have replied to you in sleep post
  • What does pmsl mean anyone?
  • I've sent you a private message Lucyanne.
  • Thankyou Zoe
  • Your welcome!
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