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Tomorrow is the penultimate day before Jd has his op, being in the job I know he will be fine and I don't need to worry but the closer it gets the more I think I will just burst into tears when the time comes, obviously not a particularly good thing for Jd!!

Oh well this time Fri it will be done and he will be recovering, fingers crossed for us

Takecare Love Jd_mummy xx


  • Oh,
    will be thinking of you all.
    Best of luck and I wish JD a quick recovery.
  • I'll be thinking of you both!!!
    Take care xx
  • Best of luck for friday, i'll be thinking of you
    Try to be strong and as you say it'll all be over by friday evening.
    Take care and i look forwad to chatting to you soon xx
  • We'll be thinking of you on Friday.
    Every thing will be fine.

  • Best of luck JD and mummy. Im sure it'll all go fine. We'll be thinking of you both. Let us know hw it goes.

    Kas xx
  • Best of luck and he will be fine.
    Will be thinking of you all and let us know how he gets on if you have a min!x
  • I'll be thinking of you all. Hope it all goes ok.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Thank you everyone for your lovely support, I really appreciate it, I keep going into his room to check on him so heaven knows what I'll be like Friday nite, I might sleep in his room that night, he could come into our bed but I'm worried we will knock his wound or something!!

    Will let you all know how it goes

    Love Jd_mummy xx
  • Hi JD mummy,

    I've seen you are on line, I just wondered how you are and how JD is.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi just checking to see how Jd got on today. I hope everything went well and he is feeling ok.
  • Hi Jd mummy, hope all went well today.
    Speak soon
    Kas xx
  • Hi JD Mummy
    How are things today? Hope you are all OK!

  • Hi all,

    Started a new post re this - the surgery is done...

    Thank you for all your lovely messages xxx
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