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first time going to nursery!!!any tips??

Hi everyone!!
what????s bothering me at the moment is that my daughter ELISA (WHO JUST TURNED TWO) is starting nursery on monday and i????m really worried cause she????s so clingy with us at the moment ????????m worried she????ll scream the place down when i leave her, so wondered if u could give me any tips and tell me your own experiences so i know what i can expect. thanyou all in advance and hope to chat to you all v soon!!
amanda xxxx :\?


  • hi there, my son started nursery when he was 21 months, he was very clingy too, when my oh dropped him off he would scream and cry and it was horrible but after about 6 wks he goes in fine now no problems, i know its hard seeing them like that but as soon as you go out the door they are fine lol my son only goes once a wk , if ur daughther is goning more then no doubt she will get used to it quicker. She might suprise you and be totally fine with it.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes

  • thanks for your comments lisa, i????ll post again tomorrow and tell u how it went! hope it????s not as bad aas i????m expecting!thank you again!
    amanda xx
  • hey hun how did it go?? i found it was best to explain to jack where he was going tell him id be back and not make a big deal of it, he takes his things in his special "bob" bag he loves it now also if shes upset when you drop her off dont wait where she can see you stand by the doo and wait untill shes settled then you wont worry about her being upset, hope that helps hun and that it all goes well
  • hi everyone, thanks for answering, well she????s been there for a week now and she seems to be getting gradually better, she takes her special toy with her and hugs it all day but she isnt as bad as the first day i left her...actually it felt great this morning to have some "me" time i didnd know what to do with myself when i first left!hopefully she????ll get to like it more as time goes on.
    amanda xxx
  • Plenty of chatting and a few visits helped me. My ds was familiar with staff before he started. There was tears- him and me, but after a week, he settled better. Be prepared but be reasonably assured that your little girl will probably be more than ready to gain some independence. My ds has been at nursery since February, and since March often demands to go at weekends! He never stops talking about his favourite members of staff and the fun he has there. Take a teddy for security. Good luck!!:\)
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