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Does anyone with a toddler NOT have a bath?

Hi all

Sorry I've not been on here much - busy trying to move house!

We are moving to a semi-detached cottage where the bathroom is downstairs. Its tiny. SO tiny. Next year we are building an extension upstairs to give us an upstairs bathroom but for now - we're getting the bathroom refitted cheaply as its totally minging at the moment!!! LOL But as its so tiny in there, I am considering just making it a shower room. as hubby and I only shower. But of course T has his bath every night.

So does anyone NOT have a bath and do you get on ok? How do you bathe your LO? Would you really NOT recommend it?

Joo xxx


  • Hi hon; we have a bath but hardly ever use it for lo - me and hubby never use it as both hate baths! We shower lo but a lot of kids hate showers, so might be worth seeing what he's like in a shower first. As in take him round a relatives and try it out if he's never done it before. Daniel HATED the shower at first and it took us ages and a lot of hard work to get him used to it - he now loves it, but of course if you dont have an alternative and he refuses showers completely then you're screwed, or will have to bath him in the kitchen sink as my mam would do with us when on holiday!! We thought that was great but very very messy!! :lol:
  • hmmm interesting points. LOL. Toby HATES showering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we would aim to find some sort of large baby bath that we could fill using the shower and rest on the shower floor.

    Doubt it'll work but I want to explore all options.

    Will be sad having to get T in a towel straight from the bath and taking him upstairs to dry and dress him etc. we're used to a bit of fun on the bathroom floor whilst we get him ready for bed! LOL

    Thanks so much for the reply xxx
  • dont let a down stairs bathroom spoil your fun. we only have a bathroom down stairs but we dont go straight back upstairs after a bath. i always take nappy, cream and jammas or dressing gown into the bath room with us. in the summer months i just put a nappy on her, she runs around downstairs then we go up to put jimjams on. in the winter months i put her dressing gown and slippers on so she is warm before we go upstairs.

  • you can get a smaller bath my friend moved into her new house and the people who had it before her took out the bath and put in a big fancy multi jet shower which didnt leave much room but the found out you can get a smaller bath and fitted it into the only gap left so they have a nice shower for them and a bath for her boys
  • We do have a bath but when we go to my mums in Spain she has a wetroom so we can only shower LO.

    What I did to begin with was have a shower myself and put him on the floor of the shower with some bath toys/stacking cups and he played whilst I showered. He got used to the spray this way but not directly under it, then at the end of my shower I would hold him under it with me for a few mins and do 'airplanes' with him and after 2 days he loved shower time.

    Good luck with the move xxx
  • Thanks for all the advice - I think this is a no go-er and we'll have to stick with just having a bath in the REALLY tiny room. Its not forever - we're doing the extension in August next year and will have a gorgeous huge family bathroom.

    Kar1234 - its not the fact its downstairs that we can't have fun - its literally the bathroom is SO tiny there is nowhere to lay T down whilst we dry him etc. I know I am plus sized but I literally couldn't move in there. We're already buying the shortest / thinnest bath we can find anyway!!!

    Joo xxx
  • Have to say the most terrified I've ever seen Beth is the couple of times we've showered her when we've got home from swimming. But then if T was showering every evening he'd soon get used to it. Maybe look into portable type baths? I know you can get inflatable ones. Might be big enough for him to sit in?

    We have a average sized bathroom but I still put Beth straight into towel and take her to her room next door straight from bath. We then spend a while in there with her toddling around naked, pulling everything out of the drawers! lol! I wouldn't worry about not being able to stay in the bathroom. That won't ruin the fun. You'll just have it in a different room instead!

  • sorry mis understood. can see the issue if it that small.
  • cant offer any help as we dont have a shower, but he may get used to the shower? it would be a shame for you to get a bath when you plan on having a new bathroom next year. if its any help ive got this baby bath which is quite large it would be ok for washing etc in but not much else, your more than welcome to have it? (its like new) xxx
  • We lived in a house with a stupidly small 'bathroom' and only had a shower. It was fine. It was a slightly larger shower than the standard cubicles but not by much. We had a plastic bath that I put on the floor in the shower and filled it up using the shower head, he then got in and had a good splash around (idly too messy I just closed the shower door haha) I certainly wouldn't bother adding a bath if you're going to get one next year anyway as my son is 2.5 and a tall boy and has done absolutely fine in the plastic bath. In fact we've now moved to a house with a bath and I still pop him in the plastic bath in the bath (blue ikea one) as it's fine and a lot less water.
  • I have a bath just hardly ever use it. My 12 month old comes in the shower. I just hop in with him in the bathroom naked then within 1 minute he climbs in. at first i aim the water away from him while he plays in the bottom until hes gotten use to the sprayoff the sit down and pour cups of water and playwith him and he'll go under the water spray himself just in play..he loves it so much its hard to have a shower without him crackingit. Yours might freak if you just throw him in ease him in and keep it off his face and he can love it or learn to be ok..
  • Hiya. We ar ein the same position. I am still debating! Have you thought about this:
    I saw it in a local shop and it is supposed to suit little ones up to about 2 years of age, when, I assume, you could shower them? It folds flat too. I was quite taken with it when I saw it!

  • Turn your shower into a toddler bathtub

    My sis has something similar...but its only plastic and it doesnt have a stand hence its not as deep.

    hope this helps image

  • we have a bath but belle has a shower every night, when we first moved here and started showering here belle was not happy, screamed having a shower but now she loves it x it really does depend on you, i cant stand baths and dont likr the though t of sitting in ur own dirt EEK!! so only ever shower but when belle got to a yr old and could stand/walk we decided to try showering as it saved time, we still put the plug in and muck about and play with toys x
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