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Defiant 3 year old

Since my 3rd baby was born 6 weeks ago, my 3 year old has been impossible to deal with.

She knows that i can't get up when i'm breastfeeding and will deliberately do something naughty so when i tell her to stop she just looks at me and says no.

I guess she's protesting a bit about not being the youngest anymore and i don't have all the time that i did until recently, but i find that i'm shouting and smacking all day long.

Does anyone have any suggestions to stop the daily battles?



  • Hi I dont know if this might be a good idea or not but it is a suggestion that i have heard before. You could try having a special box, or bag that is for your three year old, that contains things that are very interesting to her, and that she does not have ready access to. this could be a magazine, or a selection of small items that you give to her just before you start to breast feed, give her the bag or box just slightly open, so that she can open it up and investigate it whilst you are feeding your baby, keep the items simple, but different to other toys that she has so that it keeps her interested. hope this is ok.
  • when my lo was about three she picked up some really bad habits fromher cousin and i introduced a chill out when she did it i told her she would have a chill out if she carried on i took her up stairs (she had a stair gate on her door)put her in her room and left her for a few minutes like a super nanny thing and she hated being upstairs on her own after doing it twice she cottened on and the threat is enough
  • You have my sympathy. My son was 2 when my daughter was born and he was exactly the same when I was b/f. When I got into the swing of it, I would alway make sure I had a little snack for him (raisins, cheese cubes etc) and a book. Then I would sit him next to me whilst I fed lo, and read him a story whilst he ate his snack. It turned it into a 'special time' for him as well as the baby, so he didnt feel like he had to grab my attention. If he mis-behaved then no story or snack.

    Hope it gets easier for you hun, good luck xx
  • hi. i know exactly how you feel. i have 5 kids and my most recent was born june last year just before my little girls 2nd birthday, she is now 2 and half. she does exactly the same. she will purposely do something thats out of bounds when i start to breast feed, although i do find that at the mo if i put inthe night garden on for her she will sit. it's great. but i have always sat my kids next to me whilst feeding and read a book or played with a smll toy or sang songs and it has always worked. though they do have their moments. it doew get easier believe me. take care.xx
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