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bath time

my son is 2 1/2 in dec and the past few times we have put him in the bath he has screamed blue murder and as i work until 8pm my hubby is having trouble trying to give a good wash without me being there is anyone else having this problem?

he has always liked the bath,the one before his first outburst we were playing in there for ages having a good laugh so hes not had something happen to him to scare him and hes never left alone in there so we would know if there was something,i just dont understand it,he doesnt get loads of baths either usually 2 a week because its really bad for his skin,he will get his clothes off no problem and help put his toys in the bath and get his shampoo out etc but its the getting in and staying there thats the problem

anybody got any ideas?

thanks ladies xx G


  • I've had various problems with my dd in the bath, like you I was suprised bcoz she loves them. The latest was that she would only stand up in the bath. Not sit, at best she'd sqat. It took about 3 weeks of gentle persistence, holding both her hands till she'd sat down. Baths together, new unseen toys and small bribes (I'd let her brush her teeth twice lol).
    We even tried showers. Try not to worry too much, I know my dd picked up on me stressing about it. Once I went back to making them interesting things got better. She loves lush bath bombs and crayola do bath tints I think.
    Good luck x x
  • Sorry just read your post back, is he ok when you bath him? X
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