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weird things in poo!!

ok, this may sound like an odd one but on two nappy changes today I've noticed weird little gel like balls in with the poo. they don't look like any kind of parasite (which was my immediate worry) but I've no idea what the are? i don't think it's something she's eaten and not digested properly but I can't work out what they could be and if it's normal....

anyone else come across this with their LO? She's 16 months old by the way...


  • Hi feebs, could it be the gel filling from the nappy, sometimes if the nappy is very wet the gel stuff comes out.

    When i saw the subject I thought it was going to be about the weird things you see in babys poo and immediately thought sweetcorn and peas as Isaac doesnt seem to digest these very well. sorry probably tmi but you know what its like being a mum, poo is a hot topic of conversation. xx
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