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What can I give 1 year old for cough?

Cally has had a cold for nearly a week - horrible snotty nose and gunky eyes. Now she has a cough too - which is mainly just through the night. Last 2 nights we have had hardly any sleep. She is getting quite distressed when she can't stop coughing so I have given her calpol, which only helps a little bit. I have had to give her a bottle at 5 am and 2am the last 2 nights, which has helped her calm down, but she still wakes coughing after a while.
I remember hearing in the news a while ago that we shouldn't give cough medicine to LOs but can't remember why. Can anyone enlighten me please and advise me of what I could give to Cally? (She will be one this Wed.)
Thank you, Alison xx


  • tixylix do a baby syrup for coughs from 3 months. just had a look in my medicine cabinet and that was right at the back, obviously needs throwing away as my son in now two lol! you could try that x
  • sorry just read up on the cough medicine not being given to los and i read the bbc report and its not actully the medicine!
    it was found that it was the way they were being used i.e people giving to much of the medicine (more than the recommended dose) or people giving paracetomol along side the medicine, which your not supposed to do.
    i think its more of a case of people not checking the dosage properly and not checking that nothing can be taken with it.
    so they were actully taken off the shelves as precautionary and re-labelled (most of them) for over twos. it says in the report that the medicines were never dangerous just the way they were being used.

    plus tixylix just has mainly glycerol which soothes more than it is a medicine, i think the best thing would be to talk to a pharmasist if your not sure! xxx

  • You can buy CalCough which is just a basic glycerol and is ok to use. It might not make a huge difference but it just might sooth her throat enough to get her some sleep.

  • There is a recommendation now not to give cough medicines to under 2s - and also a theory that coughing is good for them as it helps them to clear whatever it is themselves. The Tixylix baby syrup though isn't on the list of things you now shouldn't give, I checked because we'd used it before (when my lo has a cough he tends to cough all his meals back up, so gave him that to try to help him keep something down) - and the information said that one is ok - it's in a pink and white box.

    A pharmacist should be able to advise you fully though.
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