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Hi Mums,
I was just wondering how old ur toddlers were wen u put them into a junior bed. My son is 19months old and loves his cot but we are expecting another baby at the beginning of july and really we wanted to use the same cot. I dnt jus want to wait till the babies here and then take is cot off him, i want him to get used to sleeping in a junior bed b4 baby comes along. My problems is the few people i have mentioned this to have said at 19months he is too young. Wat do u think? Iv heard of sum babies as young as 12months going in a junior bed. Advise please Kerry xxx


  • Hi. My son is 16 months and he is going in his bed the next couple months for the same reason as you. Our second baby is here alreadsy and is in a crib at the mo. I dont think its too young at all

    Heather x
  • Cheers hevma, i didnt think it was too young either but im worried now that rhys will lose his security, he has been a fab sleeper since about six weeks old and i dnt want all that to go down the pan by putting him in a bed. On the other hand he will need to go in one at some point, and is any time the right time? Kerry xxx
  • Hi. ds1 was 23mth and ds2 24mth and both were good sleepers and adjusted well to their new found freedom! After a few 'get ups' once putting them to bed, the novelty soon wore off!
    We used to say 'Stay in choo choo bed (Thomas tank covers) all night' and they did! easily pleased!
    Good luck!
  • My little girl was 16 months as she had learn't to climb out of the cot and it was dangerous as she'd banged her head!! We had no prob moving her to a toddler bed, I think she only fell out once!? We just put alot of pillows and a sleeping bag on the floor incase she did fall out. I think the younger they are the easier it is to move them as they soon forget what it was like to sleep in a cot. Good luck x x x
  • my lo was in her own room at two weeks and in her own full size bed at 18 months
  • hi im the same we need to be putting my 1 year old in a bed soon as expecting no hopefully at end of the year! so been looking at little car beds so cute and close to the floor. so he will be going in his new room in a few months too x
  • Hi girls, Thought i would give an update, Rhys is now in his junior bed and loves it. We started him in it at the beginning of july, he's really good with it and feels like a big boy now. It was a huge success for us, thanks for all your replies. Kerry xxx
  • That's really good to hear, we have decided that this weekend is the time to put Millie in a big bed!
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