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My lo turns 1 tomorrow (scarily!!) I have tried introducing cows milk once a day to wean him off formula, but no chance, he just isnt having any of it! Does anyone have any advice on how to encourage him to have it! It has been over 2 weeks I have been trying.

Thanks :\)


  • hi hun, I was told by my hv not to mix both gradually but just go for full swap but thats not going to work if you can't get him to drink any!

    Does he take cows milk on cereal, if not try doing that for a few days.

    Not much advice I know, sorry but my lo took to cows milk like a duck to water!

    oh, do you warm the cows milk, if not try that!!! its much nicer on their belly than cold milk
  • I did a total swap, so Lily didnt have much choice but to like it. She wasnt very impressed for a few days but it eventually worked. Made her poo really pale for a while tho!
  • Lily didn't go for the complete swap either and we tried several times over several weeks. In the end we had to mix it with her formula to introduce it gradually, by replacing an ounce of formula with an oz cows milk, and gradually increasing cows milk by an oz at a time.
    It worked for us.
    Good luck

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