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Got proper angry today!

It's the very first time I have ever felt really mad today and boy did I feel bad afterwards!

Well I had opened a milkshake for Kade in a carton with a straw and he is usually very good but today he decided to squeeze it all over the carpet. I yelled no but he came back for a second squeeze lol. I told him that was very naughty and went to clean it up. Anyway in the meantime he went to grasp the carton again which I thought I'd placed out of his reach and squeezed it again but this time firing it all up the wall, the picture and all over the floor & radiator!!!
I was fuming and yelled -NO' very loud which startled him and carried him out to the hallway to sit him down. I told him to stay there till mummy mopped up the milkshake. All the while he had started crying but I just kept thinking of what supernanny says lol! (he's 19 months)
He got up but I put him back there till I'd finished cleaning up. I then went to him to explain why I had done that and asked him for a sorry. He said it and we hugged but I felt sooo bad later.
He was fine watching fireman sam later but I was just hugging him with tears in my eyes. OH came through and wondered what had happened and when I told him didn't understand what I was bothered about but I hate shouting at him.
I guess I need to be tougher but does anyone else find it tough disciplining?



  • I know how you feel but stck to your guns. They need to know they've done wrong but I know that doesn't make you feel any better. Last night I put my LO to bed in tears. He usually sits really nicely , drinking his milk whilst I read him a story. Last night he decided squeezing his milk into his hair was far more fun. I warned him twice then stopped the story, took his milk off him and put him straight into his bed. As I walked out of the room he's sobbing 'Mummy.... mummy'. I didn't react until I closed the door and then I sat on the floor outside his room with tears streaming down my face til I heard nothing more from him. He got an extra kiss goodnight later on... but he doesn't know that. P.s. he didn't try the milk in hair thing tonight.
  • I know how you feel to as leo is a lil monkey for tipping milk/juice out especially on his little brothers head which he did yesterday after i had just bathed him and he was lovlely and clean so i told him no and warned him i would take it off him and he did it again so i told him he was a naughty boy and took it off him and put it up on the side which i thought he couldnt reach, as i was cleaning james, when i came in the kitchen the lil devil had got it off the side and poured it all over the poor dog who was just lying there letting him do it! so i lost it and shouted at him and he burst out crying so i put him on the naughty seat while i cleaned the dog which i later had to bath aswell as he was all sticky the whhole time leo was crying which set james off and i felt really bad. so i went through and explained that was naughty and got him to say sorry and we hugged and kissed but i felt awful for shouting at him, then later on my dd was being naughty she is 6 and i told her off and she said that i was awful and spoil everything and ran off crying which then set me off, she did come back and apologise but only after daddy had told her to.
    the joys of motherhood lol
    vikki xx
  • Aaww babe. ((((hugs)))) the first few times are hard but the older they get the more those incidents will occur and I think the way you handled it was really good so well done! You will get tougher to it hun. xxxxx
  • I think you handled it really well hun! Not quite at that stage yet with Charlotte although am saying No to her quite often.
  • Thanks ladies. I know I am just being a bit soft and dare say disciplining him will be something I'll be doing a lot more often soon it's just trying not to feel guilty image

    Thanks again, don't feel so mean now lol
  • Yes disciplining is hard! Lily is a mischievous little devil and often ignores my constant litany of "No Lily" (sometime she even laughs at me which is kinda cute & funny!)
    To get her to take any notice I have to raise my voice considerably, and then when she starts crying I feel awful for yelling at her, but I know it has to be done. Sometimes at the end of the day I feel like all I've done is shout at her!

  • aw hun, it's always hard at first.
    You did really well tho. Really gud your lo is used to the naughty step already! My two still try to get up and walk off even now!! argh!
  • Lol rach24, don't worry I too have grey hairs which is when my hairdresser becomes worth her weight in goldimage

    Sugar n Spice, that's just it, I have never used the naughty step before, this was the total first time. I think that's why it pulled at my heartstrings even more because he just sat there and did everything like he should lol
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