Toddler bed v single bed

What did your lo move into after their cotbed or what are you thinking of moving them into?

I'm not planning on changing beds for Charlotte until next year. I'm hoping to be pg by the end of the year so we will move Charlotte into the larger spare bedroom and buy her some new furniture.

I have thought of buying a normal single bed for her but think it would be too big for her (ie height wise), but not sure if toddler beds are a waste of money, even though lo no2 could also use it at some point so it would get a few years use.

I don't want to waste money, but I also want to make sure Charlotte is safe and comfy. Plus I don't want her to grow up too soon if you know what I mean!?



  • I think (but I could be wrong) that toddler beds are the same size as a cotbed.
    I say this cos we've recently moved Spence from a regular cot into a toddler bed and the matress size stated "cotbed" when it arrived.
    Maybe have a look around for a single bed with a low-frame rather than a divan style.

    Liz x
  • Hi
    I put both mine into proper singe beds with a bed guard and they have both been fine.Yes they look tiny in them at first but they soon grow !!
    Eve can now do a running jump into her bed and leaps over the bedguard and slams down on the bed so no problems with getting in and out of it ( she is a little monkey)
    A toddler bed would be nice at first I suppose but it cuts down on the expence and the short time they will need a toddler bed is just not worth it in my view.
  • I moved mine from a cotbed to a single bed when her little sister arrived. She was just over the age of 2. I thought toddler beds were the same size as a cotbed so didn't want to waste money by having to replace it again so quickly. We got her a Westport single from Next, it's really low and she can get on it really easily. She has a bed guard too. the bed is lovely, really sturdy with a lovely oak finish that matched her wardrobe etc that she already had. I would say go for a single but just make sure it's not too high as a lot of the divan style ones would be too high for her to get up and down from safely.
  • I am in the process of trying to decide the same thing myself, eoin is in his cot still and I worry he will be up and about in his room at night if he goes into a bed. I have seen extendable beds in ikea that extend to grow with your toddler, starting of small and extending to single bed size. it comes with a special segmented mattress, but once its fully extended to single bed size when your childs older I guess you could use a normal full piece matress. xx
  • I think cot beds are the same size as toddler beds too. Shea has a cot bed and i'll be changing it from cot to bed in autumn. Lost the instructions tho!! God knows how we'll do it!
  • i also bought my LO, whos now 21 months, a car shaped bed and he absolutely loves it and sleeps 13 hours he moves about quite alot too so its probably why he like his new bed better i often find him sat at the end of his bed going 'brum brum' he was in his cotbed from 15 months.
    we moved house so he was in it sooner than expected and found out we needed his cot for october as we expecting babies 2+3 so he's my little Big Boy now lol

  • I would say a single bed rather than a cotbed. I moved Kara into a double bed at 15 months and just put a bed guard up. She is now 21 months and loves it. She loves having loads of room to move about and it was the best thing I ever done moving her into a bed.
  • I am still to move Poppy into a bed despite buying it about 6 months ago!! I bought her a Little Tikes Country Cottage bed which is just a toddler bed. Had I been buying a normal, not shaped bed, I would have bought her a normal single bed, not a toddler one just so it would last longer.
  • Thanks for all your comment.

    I've seen some children's bed & furniture in Next I quite like, not sure if the beds are as small as toddler beds so will have to look into it further.
    Got a few months anyway!!
  • I'm going to get a single bed as I just don't want another piece of furniture that's going to eventually end up in storage or in the bin. I will be getting one low to the ground though so he can get in and out himself. I think another advantage is it means I can sit in with him comfortably for bed time stories and if he were ever ill and came in with me, oh has a bed or we even have an extra guest bed image
  • our plan is (sam is 20 months old and is getting moved very soon) is to get him this one and get the matching pine bed rails. Id love to buy him a car bed or thomas the tank engine one but at the end of the day, they are almost ??300 just for the bed :lol: maybe when hes olderimage

    i think single beds are fine ccbmommy! xx
  • i put Ellie straight into a single bed from teh cot and she was 18 months and fine with it. x
  • I've seen a nice Silentnight divan in Argos and will most probably get something like that as it has good reviews and don't want to waste money on loads of beds.
  • we got a toddler bed from Ikea, as their stuff is slightly different sizes it is slightly bigger than a cotbed. We were going to get a normal divan, but lo can't climb in and I was worried I'd find him on the floor! He's been in it since he was 17 months.

    Plus we only have 2 bed house, so need to fit the cot in the room at some point, so needed something that didn't take up too much room. Hopefully one this 2nd lo is ready for a bed we can invest in bunk beds!

    lo 20m and 28+1
  • We bought a bed from Ikea. Our son has been in it since he was 15 months old and he has been fine with it. It is the Kritter bed which comes in a few different designs...some girly, some boyish and others unisex. It comes complete with a bed guard. It was ??85 including mattress and is very sturdy. It will easily last him until he is around 7 - 8 yrs old. I liked it because it didn't take over his small room and because it was low enough for him to get in and out of it on his far he has never fallen out of it and seems very comfortable......its a good alternative to a toddler bed....its the height of a toddler bed but longer and a little wider.

  • Same type of situation happened with my sister, but she bought a new custom made bed for her girl from some online store. you can visit website here for more information.

  • Did anyone buy bunk beds and just use the bottom bunk?

    We are planning baby number two but will be in our modest 2 bed house which won't fit two beds in the one room image

  • sorry to gatecrash just wanted to say hi tuliprose we were in ttc together, our lo's are both 2 next month. how are you?

  • my  little boy is two in december and my health visitor and everyone is saying that he is too young but i dont think he is what age did others put there little ones in a toddlr bed i have seen the one that i want to get my lil boy but dont want to buy it and get in trouble 

  • I put my little boy straight into a single bed at 16months old, although it is a low one and has a bed guard but he has never had any problems being in a single bed and i plan to do the same with my daughter image

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