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Hi, my lo is 13 1/2 months now and is still not walking on her own, she has taken a few steps herself then just falls down. She can walk holding my hand but as i let go she goes back to crawling. What is the average age of babies to walk


  • i think the "average" is 12 months (but some can take up to 18 months!) i wouldn't worry about your l/o she's trying and as soon as she figures it out she'll be off!image
  • my lo took ages from the taking a few steps stage to walking proper, about a month. she'll get there, then you'll have to develop eyes in the back of your head! jack was one and two weeks when he started toddling properly. now theres no stopping him.once seh's got her balance and gained some confidence, she'll b off!
  • Ds1 was 14 1/2 mth but once he started, he was running within the week. Took to it like a duck to water!
    Like curlyclaire says, once the confidence is there, they're off!
  • my lo was walking holding onto a finger only from 10 months but didn't walk on his own til 13 months he is only now starting to run without holding onto a walker and will not crawl up or down stairs (has to walk) and he's 15 months.
    Getting more confident each day.
    EAch child is different but once the confidence is there there's no stopping them.

    On hindsight if we'd encouraged him more he would have walked earlier cos once we started making him walk between 2 of us it only took a week for him to realise he could do it.
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