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Question for mums with a LO approx 14 months

Afternoon ladies

Hope all mummies and babies are well. Forgive me for crashing your forum but I have a question that I hope you can help me with (I've also posted in baby forum)...

We're going on our first family holiday in Sept and I have a question about naps. Now I know that all LO's are different but I hoping to get a rough idea of how many naps per day a 14 month has.

Currently my LO (8 months) has 2 naps - big nap in the morning & a shorter nap in the late afternoon. Is it reasonable to expect that he'll push the morning nap back to about lunchtime and drop the afternoon nap?

Thanks x


  • Millie used to have a short morning nap and then about 2 hours after lunch, she dropped the morning nap at about a year and ever since has had between 1 1/2 and 2 hours straight after her lunch. We went away when she was 13 months and she had her nap in the room everyday while we sunbathed on the balcony!
  • connor was the same at that age, he would have about 2hrs in the afternoon until he was just over 2.
  • Thanks very much for your replies x
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