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Dummy usage - will this undo all the hard work?

Hey ladies!

I gave up the dummy with Skye in Jan this year, mainly because although she didn't go to sleep with it at night if she did wake up I would pop it in - cue 2 or 3 getting ups a night from about 3am onwards! :roll:

I fully expected a major fight over it, but she slept through at night from the first night no probs, fab! image Not quite so good for daytime naps though...6 weeks on and still fighting for over an hour to get her to sleep!!

So we went full cold turkey and haven't been back since...

My problem is that she is such a wee madam when out in the pushchair that I am seriously considering going back! She will not settle for even half an hour's shopping, she throws herself about, screaming and causing a general scene. Now, I do let her out for some of the trip, but she's a bolter and often runs off, and I can't deal with reins and pushing a buggy. We have a wrist link on it's way so this will be in use shortly to try and stop her running off. have visions of her bolting off dragging the buggy after her mind!!! :lol: She does have books/doodle draws/flash cards etc attached to the buggy but they make not an ounce of difference!

So my question is that at nearly 2 years old do you think she is old enough to maybe understand that if she gets a dummy back we only use it in the buggy? Do you think this is possible? Or will I undo all my hard work getting her off it?? ARGH!

Any comments/advice taken on!!

Iz & Skye x


  • Thanks for your comments Lara!

    The screaming in the car sounds very familiar I have to say! :roll: And good luck with putting them out for Santa!

    Still in 2 minds as to what to do...

    Trying to wrack my brains as to whether there's anything I can let her eat in the pushchair that will occupy for so quite a while, without rotting her teeth?? Can only think of lollies but think she's way too young for them, too dangerous!

    Ho hum, decisions! x

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  • My son is having similar tantrums in this pushchair at the moment. I try keep him busy with a little box of rasins, I think they're Goodies. The box is tiny and it takes him ages to get them out with his little fingers and seems to enjoy the challenge!

    He hasn't had a dummy for about 7 months now and I did try to offer him it one night he was really unsettled, he took it but didn't seem to remember how to use it!

    He also has an ELC steering wheel on the front of his pushchair which keeps him busy for ten minutes or so.

    Good luck!x
  • Have you tried a comfort blanket instead ? Charlotte never got on with a dummy but she does have a muslin that she has when upset.
  • In all honesty I think you'd be undoing all your hard work by letting her have the dummy back - and now she's that bit older I think she would understand, but she'd understand that she can create to get the dummy back at other times too maybe!

    I was going to suggest trying to distract her in other ways, books, toys etc, but you seem to be trying that. In terms of snacks I'd say raisins too - it takes ds ages to get them out of the box, and they're so small it takes him ages to get through them, and it's fruit!, and doesn't fill them up too much. We also play eye-spy or 'can you find mummy a .....', or talk about what we can see when we're out in the pushchair and ds is getting frustrated - looking for something can keep him occupied for ages.
  • Thanks for all your advice/comments ladies!

    The wrist strap arrived today and when I tried to put in on her while in town she screamed and tried to roll on the floor...much as I expected really! :roll: She's going to have to get used to it though as she runs off way too much. :\(

    I think I will have to buy some mega boxes of raisins to entertain her in buggy!!!!! Think Sunmaid do some big ones!

    Looked wistfully at the dummies sitting in the cupboard that are calling to me, but didn't give in!

    Iz & Skye x
  • dont know about the dummy but DD never wanted one so didnt have the issue of ditching it. when we go out in the buggy DD has trantrums and we make sure that she has favorite toy and that we have a cup for drinks while we are out. when she comes out of the buggy she must hold hands and if she is silly she gets one warning that if she isnt going to walk nicely then she will go back in the buggy. if she does it again she goes back in no matter how much she shouts. now she is getting really good and walks really well with us, as soon as she gets out of the buggy she either stands with her hand up ready to hold hands or as soon as we say 'hold mammy/daddy/nanny's hand please' her hand is straight up. it hass taken some perserverance but we have got there. it is a right mission when it is just the two of us trying to push the buggy one handed but i try to avoid it for as long as possible so she tends to walk on the way back to the car.

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