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Hi i was wondering what you give your lo for breakfast Lexie used to have porriage but then refused it dont blame her i hate it she did have weetabix for a while then just stopped eating it so has just had toast and a yoghurt for months but shes bored with that she has just started eating a couple of bites of weetabix again but i really need some ideas on what to try her with. thanks


  • I am in the same boat! I ahve been giving Daniel a slice of fruit bread with butter for the last week as he has been refusing his cereal. He is at the stage where he wants to feed himself, but doesn't have the skill to use a spoon, so finger food it is! he is enjoying the fruit bread - it seems that M&S is the favoured brand! if I had more time in the morning, I would try pancakes. Maybe next week, I will try scotch/syrup pancakes (some people call them pikelets - I think these are the same thing).
  • Lily's not big on breakfast, so she usually has a petit filous or a Organix fruity breakfast pot, fruit puree and a small handful of dry cereals like sugar puffs, cheerios, wheetos (she won't eat them with milk on). Sometimes she'll have some toast, but usually only half slice at most.

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