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cot to bed - soooo nervous!!

I'm at work today, and while i'm out my oh has agreed to change Shea's cot to his bed......I'M SOOOOO NERVOUS NOW I'VE AGREED TO DO IT!!

Shea is 22months and has recently started to build a tower with teddies, pillows and duvets to try and climb out of cot so thought it safest to make the change but i'm now dreading tonight!!

With daddy not living with us either at the mo i've got to deal with it on my own tonight! any advice or tips for a smooth transition

thanks Claire

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  • good luck with the change.
    when we put phoebe into a bed for the first time she would get out and put all the toys in her room into bed with her, litteraly every thing!!! we had several nights when i had to put every thing in her room on the landing.
    but she soon stopped once she realised that it meant that all her toys were taken away.
    i would just keep bedtime as normal as possibale, but make sure that he is tired when you put him to bed. if he gets out then put him back in, and have a stair gate on his door so you can leave it open with out him getting out. good luck im sure that it will be fine. xx
  • thanks, its the toy playing i'm concerned about but I plan to do the same - if he acts up then the toys will be removed from his room!

    He's always had a gate on his door and glad I did that and i've just bought a bed rail

    i'll let you know!!
  • Good luck, i can imagine how nervous you are but it sounds like you're doing the right thing.
  • Rhys has been in his bed for a whole week now and we have had no problems at all. The first night he kept getting out crying knocking on his door for about 30 mins then fell asleep on the bed. We kept going in after 10 mins or so to tuck him back in. Now in the morning the gets up and shouts us from the babygate when he's ready for getting up (though today that wasn't till 9.30 as he was playing with his toys) lol.
    Rhys loves his bed (just turn any noisy toys off that he may be able to get to in the night lol) and I think it's quite cute when I go in in the morning there's always one toy he's taken into bed with him. Last night it was an inflatable bee from his ball pool lol.
  • Hi Lou, did the same as you, kept same routine and got bed guard and he's had two wonderful nights sleep in his bed with no probs at all

    fingers crossed it stays that way
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