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summer wedding outfit

Hi, we are going to a very close friend's wedding in August and I need something for Joseph to wear. Have looked in Next and everything seems to be long-sleeved and long-legged. If the weather is like it is now, he would boil!! Has anyone seen anything summery and smart at the same time anywhere? Would rather not spend mamas and papas type prices as he'll prob only wear it once, but it is a special occasion so doesn't have to be super cheap either! Thanks ladies, M x


  • I popped into Matalan today and they have some gorgeous stuff in for los at the mo. Got DD a beautiful dress and cardigan for ??9 and spotted some really funky little boys clothes too~well worth a look!!
  • I've just bought Cole some shorts in the boots sale to wear for a christening in August. They are brown and plain with no combat style pockets and thin so think they will be smart enough for a 2 year old if we pop a short sleeved shirt on him (if he'll wear it lol).

    Otherwise you could try the bhs wedding range - you might get lucky and pick up something in the sale. We picked up some trousers for cole that are actually quite thin and as they were too big they've done him for 3 weddings.. in fact I do need to check and see if they still fit him as thats the alternative for the christening if its not so warm.

    You could also try monsoon if you get lucky in a sale - we picked up last year a nice short sleeved shirt & waistcoat in the sale - like you I didn't want to spend a fortune for somethign that'd only get worn once or twice
  • Not the cheapest option, but JoJoMamanBebe are having a sale at the moment (up to 80% off) and they have some lovely linen short overalls which would look very smart with a white collared shirt, either short or long sleeve. I think there are some linen trousers and a linen vest in the same range. It may be worth a look as they are the sort of thing that, with a different shirt, could be worn on a more casual basis as well, so you might get some more use of them.

    Hope that helps.
  • Last Summer I bought zachariah a gorgeous plain White short sleeve shirt from gap and a pair of casual/smart trousers from asda, he looked smart but a little boy and comfortable, I still use the shirt
  • have you tried Vertbaudet website?? they do some lovely clothes, I got Shea a lovely pair of linen shorts with a grandad shirt for his christening
  • Thanks ladies, knew you would all have some fab ideas! THG I like the dungaree things as J seems to be too skinny for most trousers and they just fall down (even though I think he has a proper 'milk belly'! lol) Will check out the other places for a shirt as I'm not keen on the JJMB ones! (don't know why)
  • Just seen a post from a lady in pregnancy forum who's linked to her ebay shop over bf-ing supplies but she has a couple of boys linen smart outfits in so thought I'd link for you in case its useful
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