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infantile eczema

i took my son to the docter yesterday with what it thought was dry skin but turns out its eczema he perscribed a bath oil called oilatum (you can also buy over the counter but its expensive!)and amazingly after only one bath his skin is nearly back to normal. the advise about oats sounds good, a friend of mine uses and oat based bath lotion and body cream on her daughter who has very bad eczema and this has practically cleared it up. its called aveno and is also availiable on perscription or over the counter. x


  • hi,

    i feel like an expert on the subject i have got a 2 year old little boy who suffers from a rare type of eczema and has had it since he was 6mnths the best thng to do is go and see your doctor to get it diagnosed as eczema. my health visitor was great when my little boy first had it she gave me a varity of sample bath products and creams to try and when i found the one that worked best she prescribed him a large bottle. any questions feel free to email me and i will try and help you i know how fustrating it is trying to get it sorted, good luck

    emma xx
  • Hi there, my 3yr old has suffered from eczema since she was born (her dad also has it) since she has been having showers it is been better and only tend to use Aqurous cream all over even to wash her hair. if its really bad also use it as a cream once showered and dried. doctor will perscribe but its only about ??1.50 to buy My OH also uses this and his skin has never been better.
  • Hi Bumps and Emma,
    thanks for your comments. I went to the doctors and he has given me aquours cream, I've been using it for about a week now morning and evening, I havent noticed any improvement, I wondered if this cream was any good, but perhaps I should give it longer I'm going to see my health visitor tomorrow to get another opinion, I'll let ;you know how I get on.
    thanks for your input
  • Hi there, make sure the clothes baby wears are 100% cotton and I found that bathing my daughter everyother day also helped but still apply cream daily.
  • Hi

    My little boy, now 2 1/2 has had eczema since he was a few months old. I tried lots and lots of different creams both on prescription and bought - I'm sure you've already been told that what might work for one person, won't work for another. The one that works for us is Aveeno cream, we also use the Aveeno bath/shower oil (we get it on prescription but you can get it off the shelf in Boots). When his eczema was really bad and we were trying to get it under control we used Pure Potions (available from and other natural / organic baby product sellers). It completely natural and really solved the problem. The thing I learnt most is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. When we were first trying to get the eczema under control, I was moisturising my son 3 or 4 times a day, after that we reduced it to 2 times and now he only needs moisturising once a day after his bath. It was really hard work to start with but once the skin gets some moisture back into it, I hope you'll find, like we did, that you don't need to moisturise as much:\).

    The pure potions products were designed by a lady who also had a child with eczema and who was determined to find a natural way to help her child (so I've read) - the stuff is not cheap but we only now use it if our son has a flair up.

    I hope this helps!
  • Eczema is a tricky thing to control, as there are many things that can affect it. I had severe eczema as a baby until i was about 3-4years old and then when i was 15-16years old it came back with a venegance, i've tried many creams, prescribed by doctors and some brought. The best thing is to keep the skin mosturised and not let it dry out- i find that soap is the worst for this. My daughter also suffers - she is now 3 1/2years but has suffered since she was about 4 months. I use olitum bath solution- this keeps it mostly under control but sometimes have to Hydrocortisone cream (prescribed by the doctor). Always pat the skin dry after baths- do NOT rub. I never use soap, I always use soap in a liquid form and its best if its for sensivite skin. You need to try and found out what is causing it- it could food, washing powder, dust. Tomatoes and cirtus fruits tend to be the worst in food. I use non boilogical soap powder- its gentler on the skin. Do you have any pets?
    I hope this is helpful, if you need any more information feel free to email me.:\)
  • my doctor also told me that if if the skin apperas to get better and goes away it hasnt as it takes 3-4 months after it has gone to go so dont stop treating skin
  • Hi Mums,
    Just an update, I've been using the Aqurous cream now for 4 weeks twice a day, it doesnt seem to have changed (the spots are kind of under the skin if you know what I mean) there are also a couple of patches (these are new) one on willows elbow and one on her leg which look like dry patches, my m in law has given me some doublebases cream so Im trying this on one arm! also continuing with the oilatum in the bath, Im going to buy some oats this week and see how that goes,
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