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my poor lil man - (might be tmi) **UPDATE**

Isaac has had ongoing problems with constipation for months now. and its took constant trips to the doctors to get them to refer him to a peadiatrition. I finally got a letter through saturday for an app on the 8th sept.

Tonight though he was in the bath and i heard him crying in pain then his dad called me up. When i got up there he had done the HUGEST, HARDEST (sorry if tmi) poo - I dont even know how it came out of him. His dad said he went bright red then blue where he was straining so hard and not breathing and after his dad had to push in big pink lumps that came out of his bum back in (obviously his bowl).

Im so angry. If the docs had taken me seriously in the first place then he could of been refered and seen to by now and this might not have even happened. Every time iv took him theyve passed me off as some silly over paniky mum! Hes been on lactolose for weeks now and its made no difference (like i told the doc it wouldnt). I usually change nappies with just a lil stain in them and he'll go properly every 2-3 days - well i say properly but he strains so much he cries then passes some huge poo (sorry if tmi) that i cant even believe it can come out of him.

Has this happened to any1 elses LO - what did it turn out to be? He has a good diet (albeit blended to slop most nights) but gets plenty of vit and min. He drinks plenty of juice and gets enough excersise.

I cant think what could be causing this and I am really really worried it could be a serious problem with his bowls.

He is such a sweet natured lil man and it really upsets me when he has to go through this :cry: and i cant do anything to help him.

I am so concerned :\( and really need some advice/support.

Thanx for ur replies. Well I took Isaac to A&E as he was still straing and in alot of pain and he got seen by 3 different Docs who all agree its the same thing. They think his feacal matter (poo) is collecting in his smaller intestine instead of his bowel and it has enlarged it so much that its now bigger than his bowel so when the poo passes through its got to go through his bowel (which is now a smaller than his poo is) which is whats causing him so much pain and the piles. It also explains his sticky out pot belly which we've always took the micky out of(feel so bad about that now). The peadiatritian has put him on a high dose of movicol and we've got to go bk in a week.

Isaac was such a good boy - I really underestamated him yesterday. i thought it was gonna be really stressful with the docs all touching him but he layed there with his hands behind his head and whenever the docs felt him he said "atsmy beyey"(thats my belly) and he the only time he made a fuss was wen he wanted to go off exploring the hospital ward and i wouldnt let him. Im so proud of him. Its just fingers crossed this movicols gonna work now,.

Elaine xx

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  • hi hun soz to hear that ur lo suffering my son suffers wih constipation on and off but not as severe as you. the only thing i link matt constipation to is milk it was even worse when he was on formula. banana, rhubarb and pure orange juice ease any problem he has now. hope u get answers you want for drs x
  • poor isaac no wonder he was crying, i hate it when dr act like mums dont know what they are talking about. have you tryed putting a bit of fruit juice in some water for him. sorry im not much help but i hope that your little man feels better son. ( is daddy going to see the dr with you, coz sometime dr's tend to get the problem sorted quicker if both mum and dad are there) x
  • Hi Elaine,

    is Isaac any better? Did you know that no-one should be on lactulose and Movicol together (although plenty are) because they work in completely different ways. (I only know this because I'm almost qualified as a nurse and we've just been told this by a pharmacist in our pharmacology module about 2 weeks ago!)
    Have you tried massaging his tummy?
    Good luck.
  • hi loopylass

    yes he is on the mend already thank goodness.

    hes been 9 times in 2 days!!! and not small ones either! so its definatley working! no hes not on both, just the movicol but i didnt know that so i'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanx.
    i do massage his tummy after his bath and both seem to help.

    good luck with ur nursing qualification. :\)

    Elaine xx
  • Glad he's a bit better, can't imagine there's many mums out there who actually revel in the thought of changing 9 poo-ey nappies in 2 days!
  • Isaac done another 4 last night so thats 13 dirty nappies in 48hrs! And you know what i can honestly say I was so happy to change every single 1!! LOL!!

    He is so much better today. Hes found an inner energy that i never knew hw had and hes giving his older brother the run around!

    Elaine and boys x
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