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What juice at 16 months?

After Max self weaned off the breast at 10 months all he has had to drink is water (I have tried other things but he hated them and I was always more than happy for him to like water image ) but now he is interested in mine and hubbies drinks - to the point of having tantrums when he doesn't get a taste!!! So I wanted to know what juice I can give him - we only ever have sugar free squash is this suitable or not????!!!!

HELP (sorry posted in a few places for advice!)


  • I always give mine watered down apple juice & they love it though I only give juice at mealtimes & water the rest of the time. I'm sure sugar free squash is fine too though

    Hilary x
  • I have only ever given mine the high juice squash alot more diluted than I would have it.
  • Kenny has weak no added sugar squash sometimes. My OH is on a smoothie making thing at the moment so he is drinking about 2 cups of that a day too and loves them. I was buying Innocent Smoothies for kids but they are so expensive so we now make our own and it helps towards the 5 fruit/veg a day. I can help with recipes if your interested.

  • I give Kara no added sugar juice all the time. Its Robinson's, juccee or Mi Wade juice that I usually give her.
  • Cole (and I) have sugar free squash all the time. I hate water and so does he it seems. I do water his down quite a lot though. I've always drunk sugar free squash and not just at meals and I've never had any problems with my teeth.

    Mmm smothies! Must get my smoothie maker out sometime, although i only have one recipe (lemonade, black forest fruits or summer fruits, and a couple of small meringues - yum yum)
  • LOL Kia, your smoothie doesnt sound very healthy for the little ones :-} but sounds lovely for me.

    We use a hand blender and a tall plastic jug when making them so its easy to wash up.
  • It is lovely..I havent made it in ages though -got out of the habit when pregnant cause of the meringues.

    We are bbq'ing this weekend and I'll do chocolate icecream milkshakes for the kids (special treat... we just got a fancy hand blender out of our wedding vouchers and i like to playw ith it!) and smoothies for me.. or maybe a bacardi and coke image
  • Hi CC
    We can't get all the fancy squashes etc here in Thailand so Izaak has plain ol' (bottled) water or milk. He makes eyes at his dad's beers though :lol: He is allowed a weekly banana smoothy when we go out for lunch at the weekend.
    One of his friends has really diluted prune juice image He went on it for constipation when he was really tiny and apart from breast milk (he's still BF at 17 months) he won't drink anything else! Lets say the constipation doesn't bother him any more but his mummy is often scolded by other mums because prune juice is the same colour as coca cola!!
    I've been told all natural fruit juices are ok if you check the sugar content and dilute them... Izaak doesn't get any fruit juice here because they are laced with suger (even I dilute my apple juice because its too sweet).
  • Summer has fruit shoots and no added suger squash!
  • Unfortunately we gave Kady juice quite early on so now he refuses water so he always has the cow & gate sugar free juices. I do try to water them down as much as I know he will tolerate though lol.
  • Paul has water, very diluted fresh orange juice or apple juice and he also loves Rooibus teah (like the redbush) it's naturally caffine free and organic too he loves it. i started giving it to him when he wanted to have sips of my tea.

    i wouldnt give sugar free squash, only because I heard that the artificial sweeteners are not good for little ones, i think this comes from something i read when I was pregnant
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