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Rolling over at night - any advice?

Hi, I have also posted this in baby but thought you ladies may have been through this and got out the other side already!

For the past month now my lo who is 6 months has been rolling over onto his tummy at night and sleeps like that for a few hours and then wakes up crying because he can't get back! This happens 2 or 3 times a night. I've tried putting him next to the side of the cot but he somehow still manages to get on his front. I NEED some sleep desperately has anyone experienced this and got any advice?!



  • How about some blanketrs rolled up like sausages either side of him? My lo has always slept on front with bum in air so never was a prob!
  • Sounds like he is a fast developer!

    Perhaps give him lots of tummy time in the day so he can practice rolling from front to back?

    Hopefully the waking up will just be a phase and he will become accustomed to sleeping on his front. Most lo's seem to prefer it once they get a bit older.
  • Thanks everyone. I will give him more tummy time in the day to get him to try rolling over onto his back!
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