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I noticed your post on the returning lo to bed thread!! I am having EXACTLY the same problem as you.

My lo was an angel and always went to sleep 7-7, or even 7-8/9, without a peep, fell asleep on his own etc but as soon as he went in a bed aged 2 he's turned into a nightmare.

He tries to put off bedtime as long as possible, and will not stay in bed. We tried rapid return, and I must have put him back in bed 300 times over nearly 3 hours!!!! It was hell, and as my OH works nights I had no support + it was too hard on my own. I now sit by his cot until he's asleep - usually about 10-20mins so not too bad but I find it strange as he used to always go to sleep alone.

He is also usually up in the night - I often fall asleep on the floor next to his bed!

A reward chart has helped us though and on a good night he will get up once and go back to sleep (with me sitting there) till 6am. Would a reward chart work for your lo?

I really dont understand why he's so different in a bed!!! xx


  • Oh I have just seen this - sorry!!

    I have thought about a reward chart but wasn't sure how it would work with bedtime, do you give them the sticker in the morning after they have slept??

    The other reason I didn't want to go with a reward chart for this is because I thought I would use one when we start potty training.

    Funnily enough since posting on the last thread about sleeping things have got better. I decided to ditch the rapid return thing as it wasn't making any difference and I got a bit tough. Now I put her to bed, sing her a song and say night night with a kiss then I leave the room. If she then gets out of bed again I threaten to take her Baby Annabelle!! Mean Mummy!!! She doesn't want me to take her so I say that if she gets out of bed again I will take her, most of the time she won't get up again but if she does then I go in and take her Baby. Isabelle then gets quite upset so I say that if she gets back into bed and snuggles up she can have Baby Annabelle back and so far this has worked. The past few nights I have been able to stay out of the room and just tell her to get back into bed and then close the door again, this is a massive improvement from what we have had so I am really pleased. we still have a way to go though!

    Thanks for thinking of me!! x
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