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? dairy intolerance

I have been having many problems with my little boy (19 months) for ages with his eating and diarrhoea. I have been to many dr's and even a+e. He will eat for a few weeks then stop again, nothing at all, just drinks and gets yellow diarrhoea. After 5 days or so it will settle and he will eat a little again. All poo sepcimens have been clear even though it stinks!

Now been racking my brains and wander if its an intolerance to perhaps dairy? Its all he will have sometimes, milk and yogurts. 2 nights ago his tummy balloned and i panicked but that day he had had so much milk as it was all he would take.

Do any of you have any experience with this? W are going to see a paediatrician next week but i cant have my littleboy not eating for a whole other week!



  • Hi hun,Petra was milk protein alergic and her symptomps were an immediate rash and swelling wherever the milk has touched her.Lactose intolerance demonstrates with diarrohea,vomiting,general unwellness,failure to put on weight etc.It is caused by innability to digest milk sugar,so u would not be able to breastfeed as well.I am not an expert,but have u considered wheat intolerance?I dont know if im spelling it properly i am not english but the one where u cant have gluten.Symtomps include horrible yellow poo that smells hoffific so maybe worth giving a shot.
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