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what do you put on your little ones when they go to sleep im thinking of getting a cot bed quilt he sleeps in those baby sleeping bags he does well with them but im thinking of getting him used to a quilt before he can walk and i turn it into a bed(hes nearly 18 months and doesnt walk) where can i get a cot bed quilt from and covers?? can i give him a pillow what sort do i buy???
all this confuses me i throught id done with all this mind boggling stuff?????


  • Sonny is 18 months & in a nornal single bed. He sleeps in a baby grow & then another thicker, fluffy baby grow from Primark as he kicks off the covers.

    He has a lightweight single duvet from Ikea & a normal pillow. He then likes to have a fluffy blanket he has had since birth & when I put him to bed, I tuck his duvet over him then he pulls the filuffy blanket over his head & goes straight to sleep image

    A normal pillow will be fine, just get one that is quite flat. Ikea do the cot duvets & pillow sets as well as the bedding to go on them.
  • I recently bought Maxwell a cotbed duvet and pillow from Ikea. He's always had sleeping bags as he wouldn't keep blankets on and I want to change it into a bed soon as he's 18mths and keeps trying to climb out of the cot.
  • I don't really have much to add apart from that I got James' duvet from Mothercare. He's had a duvet and pillow for a couple of months now and seems to have the idea of staying on the pillow. He does, however, kick his clothes off so I put him in a second fluffy suit like Beebee.
  • thanx so much for your posts ladies im going to ike to get a set and you've saved me loads of cash i was looing at ones for around ??40 for the set now ikea have them for around 20 bargin thanx again X
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