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My daughter fell out of her cot...

Last night I put my toddler to bed but she put up a bit of a fuss and started screaming and crying, i tried to calm her down but couldnt so I left her in there for a few mins. As i walked bk to her room i heard a bang and she was on her side on the floor. I couldnt believe she had done that as she has never attempted climbing in or out before!! She finally went to sleep later but all night i was so worried that she would jump out so i didnt sleep much.
I wasnt going to change her cot to bed til her 2nd birthday which is january but is it worth doing it sooner now?
I do worry though that if I do that she will keep getting up and coming into our room.
Any advice would be really helpful,
x x Fiona x x


  • I had to move our daughter into a big bed at 19 months for the same reason. Fortunately she took to her big bed really well & we have ahd no problems with her getting up & coming into our room. We had planned on getting a gate for door to stop her getting out of her bedroom at least but didnt get around to it & then found we didnt need one in the end.

    We let her pick her bedlinen & then painted her room to match which made her really excited & she settled very quickly.

    Good luck with the move & if you have any questions feel free to ask & I'll do my best to help

    Hilary x
  • Hi hun. we had the same thing at 16 months! My little girl hit her head in the trampoline nxt to her cot when she fell too!! Ouch!! I took the side off straight away as I was so scared she would try and do it again. We then brought her a toddler bed about a week later and she took to it really well. She fell out once or twice but we'd put a sleeping bag and lots of pillows on the floor incase so she would'nt hurt herself if she did. We put a stair gate on the door as we did'nt want her to fall down the stairs if she slept walked!! Good luck x x x x
  • Well i made the move last night and she seemed to love it because she could just climb on it whenever she liked. Took an hr for her to fall asleep at bedtime though she wanted me to stay with her and stroke her. I put a beanbag nxt to her bed just in case. She rolled onto beanbag about 4am and i covered her bk over then she got up at 6.30 which is early for us! Glad ive made the move but its gona take some time to get used to i suppose. Better to do it now as were ttc our 2nd x thnks for ur advice
  • Glad you made the move. Sounds like things went well for the 1st night.

    Good luck
  • Thanks, think ive cracked it. Last night put her to bed at 8.15, she was asleep by 8.30 and she slept all night til 8.30 this morning (12hrs). Not only that but i dont have to get out of bed straight away when she wakes cos she just walks into us and wakes me up. x
    Shes not my little baby anymore:cry:
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