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Hi this is my first time posting in Toddler! My little girl is 13 months and still has no teeth. We have had lots of teething since she was about 5 months but no teeth.

I am trying not to worry about it but when babies younger than her are getting teeth its hard not to. Just wanted to hear from other mummies who's babies got teeth late.

Thank you


  • Welcome to Toddler!

    My son didn't have any teeth until 10 months, then he cut two. It was another three months before he cut any more, he got his 4 top teeth all at the same time - I actually only found out when I was trying to fish a bit of crayon out, they came through over night! He's 16 months now and STILL only has 6 teeth. I was worried to, but they will come through eventually.x
  • They all cut teeth at different rates. My nephew cut 2 teeth at 8 weeks old, my dd was 6 months & they've come through thick & fast, my friends little boy was 15 months before he cut his first one & my neice cut her first one yesterday on her 1st birthday! So as you can see they are all different. Try not to worry I'm sure they'll turn up soon. X
  • please dont worry my son didnt get his first 2 untill he was 1 year! Hes now 16 months and we only just got the top 4 coming though. Dentist said not to worry. He has no trouble eating and i only chop hes food. image

  • Thank you all for the reassurance. She manages to eat everything which is good. There will be no more worrying from me!

  • Yep, Skye didn't have her 1st tooth until over a year, and now has 16 teeth at 23 months. They came at the rate of knots once they started! Now just the last 4 to go, and boy do I wish they would hurry up and come through! It's painful for Mummy and toddler! x
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