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Help needed with potty training!!!!!

Hi - I need some tips with potty training. My 2years 10mth old daughter is not dry and is showing no signs of wanting to be either. She started playgroup this week and whilst they take them in nappies I would prefer it if she was dry. We've tried a reward chart and have 1 sticker on it but she only got that after she had sat on her potty for half an hour!! She wants a Peppa Pig space rocket and have told her she can have it when in big girl knickers, but it goes in one ear and out the other!! She has chosen her knickers - peppa pig - but still nothing. I have bought a peppa pig reward chart from ebay today so hope that might inspire her. I know I shouldn't compare but her big sister was dry day and night at 2 years 6 mths and it only took a week!

Any tips gratefully received - thanks in advance!!

Sam xx


  • i'd just sit her on the potty as often as possible and give HUGE amounts of praise when she does something... which i'm sure you do already! hopefully once she see's the other children using potty/ toilet she'll want to give it a go too.
    is she in pull-ups or do you have lots of accidents in knickers? maybe let her wear just her knickers around the house...
    hope some of that helps, good luck xx.
  • Hi - thanks for your reply.
    She is in a mixture of both at the moment and I have been taking her nappy off when she is at home but I have the other problem that she hates sitting on her potty or the toilet so lots of accidents or she holds it until I put a nappy back on her so she is aware of what she is doing - cheeky little madam!!
    Thanks again
    Sam xx
  • what a stubborn little thing LOL have you had a chat with the playgroup teachers? they've prob had plenty experience!
    honestly though, peer pressure will do it every timeimage she'll want to be the same as all her friends LOL
  • Stubborn is a word that is used often along with various others!! LOL
    I'm hoping for peer pressure to kick in - fingers crossed!!
  • Hi some kids decide when they want o be clean and then just do it, so it might not be ready yet. My son is 19 month and although he is far from dry he does use the toilet. He will sit on his potty but wont use it. Have you tried getting your daughter a seat for the toilet? it is easier to train them to use the toilet as well because they see you using it all the time, plus you dont have to retrain them to use the toilet once their potty trained.
  • Hi - thanks for your reply - yep we have a seat for the toilet, steps, special soap etc - I would prefer her to use the toilet rather than the potty as she is at playgroup, I'm hoping that peer pressure will help!
    Sam xx
  • hi when do i start potty training? i bought one but my son will not sit on it but he is only 1! when do i start? x
  • Hayleys1- the advised age is about 2-2.5 but its best to leave it until they are ready. Ellie has been potty training for about a month and was 2 in november. We didn't force her or start it, i just bought a seat for the toilet and a pottty and one day she just got up on the loo and went- she decided she was ready.
    We're still having an accidents but not every day and they seem mainly due to the fact she's just being lazy and not wanting to stop wat she's doing to go.

    I fur lo has started telling u or seems to know when they are going then their probably getting ready to start.

  • thanks lilac i know he a bit young yet he just chucks it round the room bless!!!! xx
  • i think its wise to wait until they show signs of wanting to do it themselves. My little one was 19 months and would not keep her nappy on and with another one on the way and a new carpet i was not keen but she was adamant and although we had a few accidents by the time her little brother arrived and she was 22 months she was totally potty trained but she was obviously ready good luck to you all x
  • Hi - just to update - following a bad experience at playgroup, potty training was forced upon us. So far she has been doing well, a couple of accidents mainly of the no.2 variety(!) but she is aware of it, so back to playgroup tomorrow in pull ups and hopefully all should be well.
    Sam xx

    UPDATE: - She has done it - Yay!!! She has got her Peppa Pig Spaceship and she is so proud of herself!! I still put her in pull-ups overnight but she hasn't used them as she sits on her potty as soon as she wakes. Just wanted to share, Sam xx

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  • awwww congrat's to your l/o, bless her. bet your relieved too! =D
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