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Angelcare monitor users please help!

my monitor is playing up!
The baby unit works, and is fine in the cot in their room, but the parent unit doesnt recognise the baby unit (even right next to it) and wont come on.
It was working fine last night, it is fully charged up.... it comes on and flashes that the baby unit isnt switched on (even when it is and is right next to it)
Ive checked the baby unit, it's all plugged in correctly and all the sensors are the same as they were last night when it worked.. I turned it off at 5am this morning and it all worked then, but tried to turn it on again for her nap at 10am and it doesnt work now!
I've lost my leaflet on it so cant read the troubleshooting options in there...

can you help please? I really need the parent unit to work! Happy MJ is asleep and is coughing every couple of minutes and i cant do anything knowing the unit doesnt work - am worrying about it!

Much appreciated



  • hi hun ive still got my instructions but its in Daisys room and she is sleeping darent risk waking her if you dont get any help before this afternoon ill have a look for you see if i can see some thing in the troubleshooting bit. have you got them both on the same setting is it a b c or d or something cant think without looking but sometimes daisy moves mine x
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