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Third child?


I just want to know if anyone has any views, experience, with having a third child... Am confused about whether i should or shouldn't...

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  • hi, I have 4 children, my 3rd was by far the easiest going and really placid. My biggest concern when i had no3 was other people attidtudes towards my 2nd child, she was 5 when alice was born and shorltly after i had alice she was kicking off outside the shop over something when someone came up to me and said "oh shes being a typical middle child" WTF is that all about. she wasnt being a typical middle child whatever that is, she had 5 years to develop a personality before her sister arrived she was just being herself and was tired after a long day at school. Any way we hav no 4 now so she doesnt get referred to the middle child anymore.

    In my experience if you want another child then go for it. good luck xx
  • I had our third (and last lol) 4 mths ago and she's a dream! She's full of it but is a really good baby, only crying when she's really tired. We decided we wanted a 3rd soon after having ds2 (who's now 2 1/2) but waited till the right time. So many ppl asked me when i was pg if i wanted a girl. I did but would've been just as happy with a boy. Now all ppl ask is whether she's the last!
    I love having 3 kids and tbh, it's not really much harder than with 2, especially if your oh helps out like mine does when not at work.
    'Middle child' does my head in too! My 2nd is chilled out and has never been jealous of his baby sister.
    If you're thinking about it, do it! x
  • I have a four year old daughter and a four month old baby boy, and I jsut can't stop thinking about another one.. Wonder why!! What makes me doubt my decision is everyone's reactions whenh I mention having a third. My husband is pretty nuetral and I think would be ok either way.. Btw, I am a middle child and have never felt the syndrome - even though there's only the difference of a year-and-a-half between me and my siblings (older and younger). Just don't want to ever regret it... Am turning 35 soon, so feel I don't ahve much time either...
  • Hi - I have 3 children - all girls - and the main 2 questions were: do you want a boy this time? - Uh no just want another child, and was it an accident? - again no!!
    If you want another child then go for it I agree with alioli, having 3 isn't that much harder than 2 - good luck xx
  • hi. i have 5 kids. and i got the middle kid comment all the time. i didn't find having a third any harder than having my first or second. he was a lovely baby and is nearly 5 now and is such an easy going chap and has been an easy baby. thats why i went on to have 2 more after my third!!! lol.
    i say go for it, you are already experianced as a mum and having them close can only benefit. good luck.xx
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