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Opinions please on lo's 2nd birthday party

Hi Ladies

My little girl is 2 in July and after much thought have booked to have her party at a soft play adventure play thing. It is ??7.95 per child and there will be about 20 children so ??159 in total. I know this isn't cheap but it does include food and we simply don't have space at home to accommodate 20 children plus adults. Anyway, for an extra ??60 we can hire the venue exclusively. I don't think this is too bad, but not sure if I'm just going a bit OTT. She will only be 2 after all.

What would you guys do?



  • if its only an extra ??60 i would hire the venue at least you know whos going to be there and the place wont be full . i had lo birthday party at a soft play area and think its well worth the money all the food was done party bags made up and all i had to do was turn up with lo and the cake and best of all no tidying up at the end
  • For that extra 60 i'd defo hire the venue exclusively too, then you don;t have to worry about who else is there and what horrid things they might do to your lo and her guests!

    Maybe you could invite a few more people to make up the ??60 quids worth? or do they want ??60 on top of guests regardless?

    She's only 2 once!
  • i'd probably hire the venue too. although, are you paying for each child as well or will there parents pay for them? I'm not sure how it works but as a kid I remember my parents always paid for the guests' entry fees to places that charged for it, but, that's a lot of money! hope it goes well, and it sounds like it will be lots of fun! xx
  • Personally, I think 1st and 2nd bdays are for the parents ( :\) ) although on the 2nd bdays they interact alot more than the first which makes it alot of fun. I find hiring the venue a bit OTT for a 2nd bday esp. since you already said ??159 is expensive but hey, I've become frugal in these economic times. :roll:

    I'm just going from experience. My dd was 2 in February and she loved our family and close friends only party. Next year we'll prob. do something a bit bigger but for now her party was just right.

    Hope you get everything worked out soon :\)


  • I would book it exclusively if I were you. This way you chose who will be there and you can keep the numbers small and the age groups young.

    Hope you have a lovely time

    d x
  • I thought the same as frilly pink - 1st and 2nd for family and very close friends, but I am thinking of a soft play area for his 3rd this year and I would defo pay the extra as I can't bear it when the older kids are running riot round them and know the lo's over!!!

  • Sounds amazing - if you can afford it, go for it and book the whole venue! I'm sure you will all ahve a lovely time and you will remember it for years to come. Enjoy.
  • I think it's up to you. If you can afford it then book the whole venue.

    I'm going to book a soft play venue for exclusive use for lo's 2nd birthday later this year (in a local leisure centre) . But it's only ??60 for 2 hours and we can bring our own food to make up a party buffet. S x
  • we had daisys at a soft play and it was brilliant. she had ten friends and it was sooo worth the money. it was only 4.95 a head but it was ramming as it was half term. i think its entirely up to you if you want to book the whole place if you can afford it go for it is t ott??? maybee but i live for today i take every day as creating a memory for my daughter . holidays weekends and birthdays you will never get her 2nd birthday back again. oh and my daisy had several nasty run ins with boistorous older boys who insisted on running up the slides as she was coming down. bless her she didnt have the sense then to stop and wait for them to move no mattered how much i hollered at her so exclusivity would have been perfect for us xxx
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