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yoo hoo x

Hi Ladies,
Please tell hubby and I

Which is your most favourite follow on milk and why? (we are thinking of changing ours)

And which is your favourite juice drink for your baby and why?

Low sugar, lasts longer etc....
Thank you xxx image


  • We used Cow & Gate follow on milk and also tried the C&G toddler milk for a few weeks after lo was 12 months+.

    As for juice. I just buy good quality orange juice that we all drink. Normally the not from concentrate juice. I dilute it really well and lo normally only has it at meal times and during the afternoon when thirsty. She always has it out of a cup too. Tried the baby juices - a con & waste of money imo!
  • Thanks ccbmommy xxxx
  • I never used follow on milk. Just went straight to cows milk at 1. I do like the innocent smoothies for kids as they are pure fruit. I dilute it really well. 1 small carton makes about 3 or 4 good size cups full.
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