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he's gotta have a little op

hi ladies i don't know if any of you will remember i put a post on here in june about my 3 yr old son with a hospital appointment coming up coz hes got enlarge teste, but had come out in chickenpoxs and i wanted your advise on whether to take him or not. Well anyway i phoned the hospital and they cancelled it till today so i'm just updating you all on what happened:-

Saw the consulation this morning who had a little feel [ds was very brave let doc do what he needed} and we have now gotta take him for a scan coz the doctor is wondering if hes got a leak in a valve somewhere which is causing hes teste to swell, But either way hes gotta have a minor op to drain the fluid off or an op to drain the fluid off and seal the valve. depending on what the outcome of the scan shows.
just thought i'd update you all and if any of your sons have had this procedure done could you let me know what to expect thanks xx:


  • Hi I don't have a son so don't know what to expect but just wanted to say hope Conner is ok. Best to get it done now when he is young and will not remember it. My nephew also called Conner has this when he was born but his actually went away itself so he didn't have to get anything done with it,
  • I don't know anything about this I'm sorry but just wanted to say I hope little Conner is all better soon!
  • thanks ladies for your replys. i'll def be glad when it's all sorted and i think lo will be glad when hes teste fits in hes pants!! just hope the appointments don't take too long to come through will keep you all updated x
  • Bless him. I hope it all goes well.
  • Hi, don't know anything either but just wanted to wish you good luck and hope it all goes well.
  • bless him i hope all goes well
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