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Have just been for Charlottes school uniform she is only just four and starts full time school in four week she looks so grown up but is still so little. Do not know how I will be when I leave her for the first time she is so excited. Got a lunch box too which she is so proud.


  • Awww how cute! can't wait to see mine in a little uniform, but he's going back to nursery coz he doen't turn 4 til september! bless him! bet i'll get upset when he's gone all day though, it'll be strange, don't you think?
  • Hi Scubavic,

    I'm sure she looks so cute. My lo's not even 2 yet & I'm dreading sending her to school. I've my husband warned already that he'll have to take her 1st day at school off work coz if she cries at all I'll have her home with me!

  • We are really lucky lo really enjoys nursery but think the full day will really tire her out.
    I remember when nic our eldest moved from nursery to full time school i was such a state no work got done that day all i did was cry..
    She cannot wait they have both been at nannans today and hubby has had to go into work as gcse results day Thursday so just been me and lo 13 weeks at about 3oclock realised that once girls back at school will just be me and him for six hours a day.....

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  • i must admit im dreading september coz my oldest is off to senior school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i remember his first day at primary school, it seems like yesterday, my second is moving from infants to juniors and my third is off to playgroup, i have a feeling september is going to be a real tear jerker for me

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