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does anyone else......

have to chase their little ones around the house while trying to dress them now?? my 2 year old is such a monster!! in a funny way! it is a laugh but when im trying to get her out of the house in time to drop her at my mums and get to work it can be a bit anmoying it can take up to 30mins to get her dressed sometimes when shes in her most uncooperative mood!!.... not a moan .. not really even a grumble its quite funny really and just thought id share!! :lol:


  • We're ok for this at the minute as Rhys loves getting dressed. Our problem is he keeps geting all his clothes out of his drawers and trying to put them on. Everytime we go into his bedroom he's emptied another drawer lol
  • hayden is justthe same. it is quite funny but he HATES it when i catch him and try to get vest popped up or trousers on etc, but so cute when you take trousers off as he actually steps out of them!!! fiona and hayden 12 months
  • millie is the same at 13months i actually couldnt get her dressed for bed 2night took me ages! she un did her nappy a million times then ran off then everytime i put the vest over her head she pulled it off and shes really strong!! in the end i got it on but took alot of effort to do so!! xxx
  • I don't normally have to chase Barney, but that's only because normally the only way I can dress him is to pin him to the floor!!! If I can manage to dress him while he runs away then we are having a good day, the boy is a master at making parts of his body completely stiff while you try to put clothes on them :roll:
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