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dont you just love this age!

Tyler is 13 months so if he isnt making me laugh walking/wobbling around like a thunder bird he is looking surpirised and shocked about anything and everything.

Isaac (2 1/2) is coming out of the toddler stage but had me in hysterics this morning - stripping himself down so he was completely nude, putting on his trainers and anouncing he was "going in the garden coz hes got his shoes on" :lol:

James, my childler (3y 8m) has come out with sooooo many thing in his toddler time aswell.

I must say, that I think the toddler years are the best! image


  • i'm just loving the toddler era - shea is now 22months and makes me laugh so much, with his facial expressions and little comments
  • Oh yes!!! Eoin makes every day so fun!!! At the moment he copies daddy and tries to tiggle me going "grrrrrr" its so sweet. and whichever word I end a sentence with.. he repeats it!!! At the moment he keeps chanting 'fruit shoot' because he had 1 on holiday over a week ago!!!!!
  • I think this is definitely the best time! It's so much fun and the things they come out with are priceless. Lily was climbing on her sister's pushchair in a shop and I said 'don't do that or you'll go flying' to which she replied 'me want to go flying!' Outwitted by a 2 year old lol! Yesterday she sniffed her foot, said 'pwoor stinky' and pretended to put her socks in the washing machine!


  • I also agree. Kara is 22 months and is so funny. She never fails to make us laugh with everything she does. Even when she is bad I want to laugh but try hard not too. She is a parrot as well. We are afraid to say anything. My husband was talking to me yesterday and called someone a dick. Of course thats the only word she picked up and said Dick about 5 times over and over and laughed. Thank god she hasn't said it today. Hopefully forgotten about lol.
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