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OMG I have my first parents evening tonight!!!

hi girls, find this so weird and funny!!
Shea is 26months and has been going to day nursery since 6 months while i'm at work and tonight we have our first "parents evening"!!

Now he's moved from the baby room to the toddler den we have a yearly parents review to find out how's he's been doing, any concerns etc and to have a look at all the work and painting he's done!!

It jsut seems so weird that he's only 2. My hubby just can't wait for our appt at 7pm to be the proudest daddy ever!!!



  • :lol: it is weird isn't it - Max had his first at about 12 months!!!! They have one every 6 months for the whole nursery if you want to go! It is great to see where they are at on EYFS and see all their 'work'!

    Tell us how brill he is later image
  • Darcy had her first parents evening on Tuesday. She is only 14 months! It was lovely to read all the comments and see some paintings she has done
  • Aw bless! I bet they will say he's little star :\) It seems so funny having parent's evening at that age though! Let us know how it went. xxx
  • well we went to parents evening and I was sooooooo proud!!

    Shea is a very happy bunny at nursery and makes friends very easily and he also takes everything in his stride and nothing seems to phase him!!
    We had a look at all his work and then we got to take home his first folder. it contains all the daily activies, photos and drawings that he's done since he started at 6months up until he was 2 years. now they have started a second book.

    Its such a precious book, to cherish and keep forever!! with some lovely photographs in and some fabulous paintings and collages!!!

    I'm so proud of my good little boy
  • Aw how lovely that you get to keep his folder, I'm sure it'll be something you keep forever! It's great that he's doing so well at nursery.

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