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Changing bag for toddler?

Hi ladies,

Just wondered whether you have downsized your baby changing bag and what you use instead? I'm still using my Oioi hobo change bag which has been great but now Isaac is 15 months we don't really need such a big bag. Any recommendations for a smaller change bag or good bag to use for toddler? Don't think he's old enough for his own backpack yet. What do you do? Thanks xx


  • if we go out for the day i tend to take the big change bag, so i can fit ghis lunch in, change of clothes, fair few nappies etc...if we're just popping out for an hour or two and not over lunch then i jsut take my handbag the last few times, which has worked fine, but i am thinking of getting bigger handbag so that i don't ahve to keep switching back and forth but it still wont be as big as the change bag...can't recommend a particular bag but maybejsut keep ur eye for a fairly large handbag that u like. i think though tbh the reason ds change bag is so full si the amount of junk i put in there lol, its full of leaflets and reciepts etc! x
  • I changed back to using my own handbag a few months back and got a separate bag for Skye's bits -

    It attaches to the side of my buggy and holds enough for popping into town, afternoons out, although I take her food in a separate coolbag. It's been nice to be able to use my own handbags again tbh! :lol:

    Mind you, I LOVE the look of that JJB InBetween bag MrsAmanda, and if I could fit madam's lunch in there too I might just be tempted to splash out...mmm! ;\)

    Iz & Skye x

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  • Oooh that's a great idea for a bag Iz, wonder if it will fit my new pushchair!? I would love to go back to just using my handbag. So I either need a small bag for LO or a nice new leather handbag that fits lots! Best go for the cheaper option after just buying a new stroller! :lol:
  • I've swapped my OiOi for a rucksak for lo. He gets all nappies, snacks etc in it for when we are out and about
  • I've had about 10 change bags in the last 2 years, a bit like prams I buy a new one just cause I like the look of it but thankfully I have now realised a 2yr old doesn't need what a 2 month old needed!

    I have a little Paul Frank bag, it came with loads of accessories which I didn't need but I can actually fit loads into it for all the size of it which is surprising. I take nappies, wipes, nappy bags, snacks & a drink in it no matter where we go & if we're going out on a long day I take the big Paul Frank change bag which looks small but fits loads in!

    Got both in TK Maxx, the small one was ??7 & the big one was ??20.
    Lauren & Ellie xxxxxx
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