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Hard poo's - what food will help???

A little bit TMI but Luke suffers from a lot of hard poo's n sometimes has trouble 'going' although he is fairly regular. He eats a lot of veg n fruit in his breakfast n sometimes as a dessert, he has a good diet with eggs, pasta, chicken, fish etc but I'm at a loss as to how to help? Tried him wit weetabix but he realy doesn't like it. He has porridge or readybrek for breakfast...what foods can I give him to help soften his stools????


  • figs and prunes are foods naturaly used to help. You can get ready to eat ones too which is great. Other things are oranges/tangarines and grapes always used to go strait through my niece haha

    if he doesn't like weetabix what about shreddies as they hold their shape my little boy loves them.

    pleanty of water to drink and if ig does get bad you should see your gpas they can get little tears which isn't good,
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